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To Give and to Take, by Elizabeth Murphy

To Give and to Take, by Elizabeth Murphy

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Can both sisters find happiness, when one marries for love, and the other for money…

Sisters Mary and Cathy Ward couldn’t be more different: Fiercely independent Mary is determined to leave the mean streets of Liverpool, whereas Cathy – quiet and well loved – is happy with the life she has.

But when both girls fall for the same man conflict threatens to push them apart, and as they are caught up in their own troubles, Liverpool erupts in the Bloody Sunday riots.

‘Elizabeth Murphy obviously delights in writing about a city she knows and loves, and her enthusiasm must rub off on the reader. She has a talent for characterisation, and by the end of the story, love ’em or hate ’em, you care about every person in the book.’ - Hull Daily Mail

‘Hard to beat … A gripping family saga’ - Manchester Evening News