The Irish Republic, by Dorothy Macardle

The Irish Republic, by Dorothy Macardle

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The Irish Republic is a history book written by Dorothy Macardle, first published in 1937, which covers the formation and existence of the Irish Republic, the Irish War of Independence, the Anglo-Irish Treaty and the Irish Civil War, a period which covered from 1919–1923.

This detailed chronicle covers the seven years between the Easter Rising of 1916 and the end of the Civil War. Introductory chapters review earlier phases of the Irish resistance to conquest, the efforts to secure Home Rule and the beginning of Sinn Fein.

After May 1923, the story is carried forward, as a brief survey, to the further implementation of the Treaty by the signing of the Partition Agreement in London in December 1925.

The Irish Republic has long held a place of honour in many Irish households. It is an account of the struggle from the viewpoint of one who was active throughout the turbulent years of the inception of the fledgeling state. This major work has been reissued for the benefit of a whole generation who have not had the opportunity to own it.