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Father Browne's Trains and Railways, by E E O'Donnell

Father Browne's Trains and Railways, by E E O'Donnell

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During Father Browne's long life a revolution took place in the realm of standard and narrow-gauge railway transportation.

With a keen eye for the photographic moment, Father Browne recorded railwaymen going about their various tasks. Passengers are captured arriving, departing, changing trains and dining.   

Most of the photographs in this book were taken in Ireland during the 1930s, although trains from as far afield as Suez and Sydney are also included. At that time Ireland had a lot more railway lines than it has today, with very few towns further than ten miles from the nearest railway station.

3,400 miles of track covered the country and these had been laid down by different companies. Father Browne photographed all of these, as well as travelling on many of the country's narrow-gauge railways.

“Browne's remarkable and vibrant photography speaks for itself.” - Midwest Book Review