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The Voyage Home, by Richard Church

The Voyage Home, by Richard Church

The Voyage Home is an autobiographical account by the English writer and poet, Richard Church (1893 – 1972).  It is a lively and entertaining appraisal of the author's many celebrated friends and contemporaries, but it also explores the author’s personal journey.

For twenty-four years Richard Church combined a job in the Civil Service with his career as poet and journalist; eventually he found the strain of his double life too much and left at the age of 40 to become a full time writer. 

With uncompromising frankness, The Voyage Home describes Church’s inner struggles as he embarks on his own ‘voyage home’ towards maturity of understanding and fulfilment. His inspiring personal story is full of depth and insight, balanced with an infectious humour,  

Published by The Reprint Society in 1966

Good condition. Binding intact. Includes dust jacket.