Trains of America, by Donald J. Heimburger

Trains of America, by Donald J. Heimburger

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Trains of America highlights the late steam and early diesel era of America’s railroads during the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s,  a time of great upheaval and tremendous progress for rail lines.

This large colourful volume focuses on the period of time when steam locomotives were replaced by diesels, when lighter rail was replaced by heavy welded rail, when centralized traffic control became the norm and when employee rosters were downsized.

Trains of America recreates the past in a variety of memorable scenes, from main line steam locomotives pulling mile-long freight trains to 44-ton diesels rambling with a box car or two through New England rural woods.

Its 204 pages contain nearly 400 large, all-colour freight and passenger train photos taken on 85 different railroads throughout the U.S. and Canada.