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Hosting events at Quay Books

Quay Books are happy to host for you a book launch, or a literary event, or a reading from a previously published book

The ideal date for a launch in the Quay Books shop is any Friday night.
The event should commence at 6.30 pm or 7.00 pm.

As it would be a standing event, the preferred duration of a launch (introduction plus reading) should be about 20 minutes.

The shop is small. Hence the number attending would have to be limited to 30 persons, almost all standing.

Events  be a free ticketed events. We will arrange that tickets may be booked via Eventbrite.
As well as promoting the event on Eventbrite, we will also promote the event on social media.

However, we would expect that the person(s) arranging the event with us would also work hard at promoting the event.

All monies from sales of a book at an event would go completely to the author. There would be no discount for Quay Books.

Refreshments provided at the a launch should preferably be a shot or two of Vermouth per person!
The Vermouth will be served in glasses without a stem, to avoid people leaving their drinks on books, as drinks tend to get knocked over.
Quay Books will make a contribution to the cost of refreshments.

If you are interested in working on an event with us, please email: