Modern Caribbean Cuisine, by Wendy Rahamut

Modern Caribbean Cuisine, by Wendy Rahamut

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Modern Caribbean Cuisine demonstrates the new directions into which Caribbean cooking is now moving.  

Fusion has long been a feature of Caribbean cuisine: traditional recipes represent a rich inheritance from African, Indian, and European ancestors.

In this collection, Wendy Rahamut emphasizes the importance of using indigenous ingredients to create a “fresher, tastier, spicy and delicious cuisine.” The result is a celebration of Caribbean flavours as they are today.

Modern Caribbean Cuisine offers a food fusion experience of mouthwatering snacks and appetizers, spicy and hearty soups, a wide variety of attractive salads, ways of preparing local seafood, traditional and modern meat and poultry recipes, an imaginative collection of rice recipes, wonderful vegetable preparations, spectacularly exotic desserts, scrumptious cake and bread recipes and piquant hot sauces and condiments

Each section of the book features a range of easy-to-follow recipes, illustrated with enticing photography by Michael Bonaparte, and is introduced with a useful short discussion of the role and importance of the various ingredients and their place in Caribbean kitchens.