A Drinking Life,by Jack London

A Drinking Life,by Jack London

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First published as John Barleycorn, Jack London's autobiographical novel is a harrowing account of a life undermined by alcoholism.

In one of the great works of American literature, Jack London tells a poignant tale of the power of addiction through his alter-ego, John Barleycorn. With alcohol as his sole companion, John travels across North America, living as a sailor, gold prospector, unemployed vagabond, and struggling novelist.

Written with elegance and intelligence, and never shying away from the addiction that bedevilled him, A Drinking Life presents its author's arduous transformation from hard-bitten adventurer to renowned writer.

Long neglected by Jack London partisans (who wish he had never written it) and used against him by critics who would see him as a self-confessed drunk, this book deserves to be celebrated for what it is: a classic of American autobiography.

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