A Lucky Sixpence, by Anne Baker

A Lucky Sixpence, by Anne Baker

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It's 1937 and for sisters Lizzie and Milly Travis there's nothing quite like the thrill of the funfair at New Brighton. Amid the bright lights and whirling rides, Lizzie wins a lucky sixpence on a stall - as well as the heart of a handsome stallholder.

Ben McCluskey isn't the type of man Lizzie's respectable parents had in mind for her, nevertheless the young couple embark on a whirlwind romance. Lizzie's mother worries that history will repeat itself when Ben introduces her daughter to a world she never knew existed. And, as war looms, Milly realises that her sister's luck can't last for ever...

“With characters who are strong, warm and sincere, this is a joy to read”- Coventry Evening Telegraph

“A heartwarming saga” - Woman's Weekly