About Time: A Visual Memoir Around the Clock by Vahram Muratyan

About Time: A Visual Memoir Around the Clock by Vahram Muratyan

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By the author of Paris Versus New York, an illustrated exploration of time and memory. Take it, make it, lose it, have it, kill it, spend it, save it, forget it, break it, set it, repeat it, keep it: time flies and time crawls.

This might be your first time, your last time, or you may be stuck in your routine. How we experience time shapes our relationships, memories, dreams, and nightmares. And only with time can possibility become reality.

From the acclaimed illustrator and author of Paris Versus New York comes a visual memoir inspired by Muratyan's travels across four continents and multiple time zones. Warm, funny, chic, thought-provoking, and as graphically pleasing as its predecessor, About Time is a meditation and celebration of how we spend our lives.

"Embracing the vogue for symbol styles like those found in infographics and data visualizations, Muratyan's images are well suited to present, with chart like accuracy and a hint of dry irony, this systematic, time-based, personal travelogue." -New York Times Book Review

"It's the kind of simultaneously lighthearted yet philosophical book you can dip in and out of, that invites nostalgia and self-reflection as it grapples to come up with a visual language for a concept as elusive as time. At the book's heart is an admonishment to keep an urgent eye on the sands of the hourglass in a lightning-speed world." -Slate