An Unofficial Rose, by Iris Murdoch

An Unofficial Rose, by Iris Murdoch

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Hugh Peronett’s life is tinged with regret: the regret of never following his passions and losing the one woman he loved.

Twenty-five years ago, he ended an affair with Emma Sands to be with his wife, Fanny. Now, Fanny is gone, and both Hugh and his grown son, Randall, find themselves at a crossroads of passion and righteousness.

As Hugh, Emma, Randall and several others are caught in a dance of romance and rejection in bucolic rural England they will discover the true meanings of love, companionship, and desire.

Iris Murdoch (1919 – 1999) was born in Dublin, but grew up in London. Several of her novels, including An Unofficial Rose, have been adapted for the screen.

“Manipulating masterfully, Miss Murdoch turns out a deft three-in-one book: a sort of combined superior soap opera… a British novel of sensibility, and philosophical inquiry into reality” - Time

“A Shakespearean comedy of misaligned lovers” - Publishers Weekly

Published by World Books / The Reprint Society, London (1964).

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