Beasts in My Belfry, by Gerald Durrell

Beasts in My Belfry, by Gerald Durrell

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From the time they lived on the island of Corfu, Gerald Durrell’s family hoped he’d outgrow his love of animals. Instead he became a zoologist and worldwide conservation hero.

In 1945, young zoologist, Gerald Durrell, finally came to work at his first actual zoo; Whipsnade Zoo - then a new concept in open-range animal exhibits - where Durrell joined in as a student keeper with Albert the lion, Babs the polar bear, and a baby deer among his first charges.

In this entertaining history, he recaptures all the passion that permeated those early years, while conveying his insight into and affection for four-footed creatures. The book is full of larger-than-life animal characters: the bear who sang operatic arias with one paw clasped to his breast, his bosom friend Billy the goat, playful zebras, and a host of equally endearing and memorable critters. This is Durrell at his best.

“A loving chronicle of jitter-bugging gnus, singing duets with a bear, stealing eggs to feed the Arctic foxes, practicing tiger sniffs . . . Highly entertaining and informative.” - The Times

“Durrell manages to convey not only that he loves animals, but that he enjoys life too – and wants you to enjoy it with him.” - Daily Mirror