Bethlehem: Biography of a Town, by Nicholas Blincoe.

Bethlehem: Biography of a Town, by Nicholas Blincoe.

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"Bethlehem brings within reach 11,000 years of history, centring on the beloved town's unique place in the world. Blincoe's love of Bethlehem is compelling, even as he does not shy away from the complexities of its chronicle." — President Jimmy Carter

Deftly written, this narrative has something to offer a wide variety of readers, whether interested in history, archaeology, religious connection, or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. — Library Journal

Bethlehem is so suffused with history and myth that it feels like an unreal city even to those who call it home. For many, Bethlehem remains the little town at the edge of the desert described in Biblical accounts. Today, the city is hemmed in by a wall and surrounded by forty-one Israeli settlements and hostile settlers and soldiers.

"A highly readable, anecdote-infused history." Kirkus