Big Week: The Biggest Air Battle of World War II, by James Holland

Big Week: The Biggest Air Battle of World War II, by James Holland

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In Big Week, acclaimed World War II historian James Holland chronicles the massive air battle (officially known as operation ARGUMENT) through the experiences of those who lived and died during it. Using interviews, oral histories, diaries, and official records, Holland follows the fortunes of pilots, crew, and civilians on both sides, taking readers from command headquarters to fighter cockpits to anti-aircraft positions and civilian chaos on the ground, vividly recreating the campaign as it was conceived and unfolded.

Big Week is both an original contribution to WWII literature and a brilliant piece of narrative history, recapturing a largely forgotten campaign that was one of the most critically important periods of the entire war.

 A solid popular history on an important event. Recommended for readers interested in World War II’s air war, particularly in Europe.”—Library Journal

“Highly detailed . . . The interplay of personal stories with the broader strategic picture makes this book especially illuminating . . . A fascinating must-read for World War II aficionados.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Holland shoots down the myth of German invincibility . . . All the great turning points of 1941–43 are here. A triumph”—Sunday Express