Black Jack's Spurs:  An Autobiography, by C. W. Thurlow Craig

Black Jack's Spurs: An Autobiography, by C. W. Thurlow Craig

Charles William Thurlow Craig was born in 1901 in Wrexham, Wales, where his father ran coal mines. After attending Naval College and serving in the Royal Navy during the First World War, Craig headed for Buenos Aires, Argentina in search of adventure.

His plan was to become a gaucho, a South American cowboy, and he worked for the next dozen years as a farmer in Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.

Black Jack's Spurs is a first-hand account of his years as a manager of cattle stations. He was responsible for herds of up to 80,000, roaming free over a million unfenced acres, destined to become tinned corned-beef. He was also in charge of wild bunches of knife-wielding, gun-toting desperadoes but “Carlos Craig” was well able to look after himself; he was a superb horseman and a crack shot.

Returning to Europe, he fought in the Spanish Civil War and worked in Naval Intelligence in the Second World War before settling down to write books on shooting and fishing.

Published by Hutchinson, 1954. Hardcover. First edition. No dustjacket.

A good clean copy with binding intact. The green cover boards have some fading.