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Black Mask, by Ben Morea & Ron Hahne

Black Mask, by Ben Morea & Ron Hahne

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Founded in New York City in the mid-1960s by self-educated ghetto kid and painter Ben Morea, the Black Mask group melded the ideas and inspiration of Dada and the Surrealists, with the anarchism of the Durruti Column from the Spanish Revolution.

With a theory and practice that had much in common with their contemporaries the San Francisco Diggers, Dutch Provos, and the French Situationists, the group intervened spectacularly in the art, politics and culture of their times.

From shutting down the Museum of Modern Art to protesting Wall Street’s bankrolling of war, from battling with Maoists at SDS conferences to defending the Valerie Solanas shooting of Andy Warhol, Black Mask successfully straddled the counterculture and politics of the ’60s, and remained the Joker in the pack of both sides of “The Movement.”

This volume collects the complete ten issues of the paper Black Mask (produced from 1966–1967 by Ben Morea and Ron Hahne), together with a generous collection of the leaflets, articles, and flyers.

A lengthy interview with founder Ben Morea provides context and colour to this fascinating documentary legacy of NYC’s now legendary provocateurs.