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Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City, by Richard Sennett

Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City, by Richard Sennett

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Building and Dwelling is the definitive statement on cities by the renowned public intellectual Richard Sennett.

In this sweeping work, he traces the anguished relation between how cities are built and how people live in them, from ancient Athens to twenty-first-century Shanghai.

He shows how Paris, Barcelona, and New York City assumed their modern forms; rethinks the reputations of Jane Jacobs, Lewis Mumford, and others; and takes us on a tour of emblematic contemporary locations, from the backstreets of Medellín, Colombia, to the Google headquarters in Manhattan.

Rich with arguments that speak directly to our moment - a time when more humans live in urban spaces than ever before - Building and Dwelling draws on Sennett’s deep learning and intimate engagement with city life to form a bold and original vision for the future of cities.

“[Richard Sennett] embodies Ruskin’s belief that “of thousands who can think, there is one who can see”. He sees the modern city. He reads its secrets as he walks down the street, kicking over the detritus of its past.” - The Sunday Times