Christ's Last Day - ATTO 11

Christ's Last Day - ATTO 11

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"For all the slings and arrows that have been thrown at you, I know that yours is always a thinking art, generous and necessary and, above all, spontaneous - all qualities too little appreciated in today's calculating world.

 The paintings that you present here evoke that moment that all of us will in all probability one day feel at the moment of agony, a strange feeling of translucence in the hours before death, when we become ourselves, as it were, God as man or woman.

 Each painting is an altarpiece - an x-ray shroud...They aim ambitiously to reveal what normally remains invisible."

Quotation is from "Christ's Last Day - ATTO 11," the book which accompanied a London 2008 exhibition of work by Julian Schnabel. Schnabel is an American filmmaker, painter, printmaker, and sculptor. Despite the bravura, a certain sense of vulnerability, even tenderness, pervades the heft of Schnabel's work. One new copy of this hardcover book is now available at Quay Books for €18.00 or online from