Cook Share Eat Vegan, by Áine Carlin

Cook Share Eat Vegan, by Áine Carlin

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In Cook Share Eat Vegan Áine Carlin has created the ultimate vegan bible, with more than 125 recipes that prove there's a place for plant-based food at every table.

With an emphasis on great flavours and fresh, seasonal dishes that don't rely on substitutes or hard-to-source ingredients, Áine's style of cooking will appeal to everyone, from vegan-cooking enthusiasts to those simply wanting to dabble now and then.

Delight your friends with Crispy Cinnamon Potato Tacos, enjoy a warming bowl of Turmeric & Sweet Potato Soup, or indulge in a delicious Vanilla Panna Cotta. Discover recipes for every occasion and for all times of year.

“Recipes to impress that just happen to be vegan” - Sunday Times

“Animal-free magic” - Telegraph Magazine