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Dinosaurs Rediscovered, by Michael J Benton

Dinosaurs Rediscovered, by Michael J Benton

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In Dinosaurs Rediscovered, paleontologist Michael J. Benton gathers together all the latest paleontological evidence, tracing the transformation of dinosaur study from its roots in antiquated natural history to an indisputably scientific field.

Among other things, the book explores how dinosaur remains are found and excavated, and especially how paleontologists read the details of dinosaurs’ lives from their fossils—their colours, their growth, and even whether we will ever be able to bring them back to life.

Benton’s account shows that, though extinct, dinosaurs are still very much a part of our world. 

"Benton's prose is a model of science writing—energetic without being hyperactive, illustrative without loosing a swarm of irritating metaphors, alive to the reader's curiosity without pandering to the reader's ignorance." - The New York Review of Books

"I defy anyone who is, like me, a non-scientist to read it and not feel a sense of wonder." - Tom Holland, The Guardian