Ed Ruscha: Los Angeles Apartments, by Ed Ruscha

Ed Ruscha: Los Angeles Apartments, by Ed Ruscha

Edward Ruscha, born in Nebraska in 1937, was an influential artist of the ‘Pop Art’ movement, exhibiting alongside Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and others at ‘New Painting of Common Objects’, one of the first ‘Pop Art’ exhibitions in 1962.     

In 1965, he published Some Los Angeles Apartments, part of a series of photographic books known for their deadpan cataloguing of the city’s functional architecture. He also completed a group of ten related drawings.

Los Angeles Apartments (2013) features thirty-eight Ruscha plates, accompanied by an essay tracing his development as an artist. Paintings, drawings, and photographs by other twentieth-century artists demonstrate the continuing appeal of architecture in art and serve to place Ruscha's work in a broader context.

The juxtaposition of Ruscha’s preparatory studies, drawings and photographs illustrate his working method, highlighting the relationship between his photographs, drawings and paintings.

“The graphite drawings are abstract and realistic at once, spawned, as they are, by the realm of the imagination … They are dematerialized dream images that keep eluding viewers although they are based on photography.” 

Published by Steidl in 2013.

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