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Eleanor, by David Michaelis

Eleanor, by David Michaelis

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In the first single-volume cradle-to-grave portrait in six decades, David Michaelis delivers a stunning account of Eleanor Roosevelt’s remarkable life of transformation.

An orphaned niece of President Theodore Roosevelt, she converted her Gilded Age childhood of denial and secrecy into an irreconcilable marriage with her ambitious fifth cousin Franklin and became a partner in New York’s most important power couple in a generation.

As FDR struggled to recover from polio, Eleanor became a voice for the voiceless, her husband’s proxy in the White House. Later, she would be the architect of international human rights and world citizen of the Atomic Age, urging Americans to cope with the anxiety of global annihilation by cultivating a ‘world mind.’ She insisted that we cannot live for ourselves alone but must learn to live together or we will die together.

“An excellent single-volume biography of America’s greatest first lady . . . Absolutely spellbinding.” - The Washington Post

“Michalelis's thrillingly intimate biography of Eleanor Roosevelt reads like a can't-put-down novel.” - People