Emmanuelle II, by Emmanuelle Arsan, Anselm Hollo (Translator)

Emmanuelle II, by Emmanuelle Arsan, Anselm Hollo (Translator)

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The story of an unforgettable woman, a happy sensualist, whose unusual erotic experimentation explores the philosophy of sexuality in a novel of literary and philosophical merit.

A sensual delight, Emmanuelle II succeeds, like few novels before it, in pushing the philosophy of eroticism to the frontiers of myth. This is one of the few erotic novels of ideas since Sade. An exploration of delightful fantasy transformed into exquisite fulfillment makes this one of the finest erotic novels ever published. It is as pertinent today as it was four decades ago.

"Emmanuelle writes nearly as well as the Divine Marquis de Sade, and shows the same penchant for philosophy." — Le Nouvel Observateur

"An optimistic and radiant eroticism." — lepoint.fr