Everything Is Teeth, by Evie Wyld

Everything Is Teeth, by Evie Wyld

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When she was a little girl, passing her summers in the heat of coastal Australia, Evie Wyld was captivated by sharks - by their innate ruthlessness, stealth, and immeasurable power - and they have never released their hold on her imagination.

Everything Is Teeth is a deeply moving graphic memoir about family, love, loss, and the irresistible forces that, like sharks, course through life unseen, ready to emerge at any moment.

“A heartfelt and haunting memoir, written with beauty and verve . . . A stunningly rendered juxtaposition of past and present, life and death . . . A chomp out of your heart.” - The Irish Times

“a poignant, understated look into the anxiety of childhood, singular and memorable” - Publishers Weekly