Fanfare for a Witch, by Vaughan Wilkins

Fanfare for a Witch, by Vaughan Wilkins

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Fanfare for a Witch is a work of historical fiction, looking at the lives of George II of England, his wife Caroline with their son Frederick, Prince of Wales.

It is a swashbuckling tale, full of political intrigue, which offers a plausible explanation for the animosity known to have existed between the King and Queen and their eldest son.

Frederick (1707 – 1751), was heir apparent to the British throne, but he predeceased his father at the age of 44; his son eventually succeeded to the throne as King George III.

William Vaughan Wilkins (1890 – 1959) was an English historical novelist and journalist.

Published by The Reprint Society in 1954.

The book is in good condition with dust jacket and the binding is intact.