French Chefs Cooking, by Michael Buller and  Paul Boc

French Chefs Cooking, by Michael Buller and Paul Boc

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The culinary heritage of France is among the most celebrated the world over. In this book, Michael Buller introduces us to 38 of the chefs that made it famous, with selections of recipes from each of them.

In creating this collection, the author tells the tale of the French culinary heritage. With anecdotes that accompany the recipes, we learn not only about the cuisine, but also about how the masters learned it themselves. It is a down-to-earth story of the land and the seasons, of the lives and the dreams of these men and women.

The chefs featured here include Paul Bocuse, Jean Troisgros, Paul Haeberlin, and many others, covering several of the culinary traditions of France. Here is a rare intimate portrait of the chefs while they work, at home and on their travels abroad, recorded by an author who has been praised by the international press for his previous books.

This is a chef's cookbook that leaves the home cook relaxed, working with what is available at the local market, or, that can be enjoyed as a relaxing read and armchair journey to France and the romance of the great chefs.