From Hadlyme Hills, by Louisa Mather

From Hadlyme Hills, by Louisa Mather

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Louisa Mather (1815 – 1882) was a 19th-century American writer who wrote essays, stories and poems on religious subjects and social issues such as woman's suffrage. On her father’s side she was descended from Miles Standish, one of the original Plymouth settlers who came to America on the Mayflower.

Married to a farmer in East Haddam, Connecticut, Louisa Mather contributing essays, stories and poems to ladies’ magazines and other publications for over 40 years. ‘From Hadlyme Hills’ is a compilation of her poems and prose put together by her granddaughter, M. Catherine Dickinson Writer and her great-granddaughter, Priscilla Wright Pratt.


Published by Catherine Dickinson Wright, North Hills, PA, in 1956.

First edition. Number 183 in a limited number of printings.

Very good condition.