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Genesis A,   A New Edition, Revised, by A.N. Doane.

Genesis A, A New Edition, Revised, by A.N. Doane.

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Genesis A (or Elder Genesis) is an Old English poetic adaptation of the first half or so of the biblical book of Genesis. The poem is fused with a passage known today as Genesis B, translated and interpolated from the Old Saxon Genesis.

Genesis A (and B) survive in the Junius Manuscript, which has been held in the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford since 1677.

Among Old English poems, "Genesis A" is second - both in length and importance - only to Beowulf. With this new edition, Alger N. Doane reveals both the full stature of the poem and the significant achievement of the poet.

In the editing of the text and the commentary - the heart of the work - Doane brings his full learning to bear in the service of illuminating the poem.

The structure and the character of the work remain virtually unchanged. This edition is intended to be readable and teachable.