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Good-Bye to All That: An Autobiography, by Robert Graves.

Good-Bye to All That: An Autobiography, by Robert Graves.

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In this autobiography, first published in 1929, poet Robert Graves traces the monumental and universal loss of innocence that occurred as a result of the First World War.

Good-Bye to All That bids farewell not only to England, but also to a way of life. Tracing his upbringing from his solidly middle-class Victorian childhood through his entry into the war at age twenty-one as a patriotic captain in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, this dramatic, poignant, often wry autobiography goes on to depict the horrors and disillusionment of the Great War, from life in the trenches and the loss of dear friends, to the stupidity of government bureaucracy and the absurdity of English class stratification.

Paul Fussell has hailed it as ""the best memoir of the First World War"" and has written the introduction to this new edition that marks the eightieth anniversary of the end of the war. An enormous success when it was first issued, it continues to find new readers in the thousands each year and has earned its designation as a true classic.


The paternal grandfather of Robert Graves was bishop of Limerick, Ardfert and Aghadoe from 1866 to 1899. Robert Graves was the son of the Irish Literary Revival writer Alfred Perceval Graves, who wrote "Father O'Flynn."

Robert Graves patronised the Locke Bar, while stationed in Limerick during the War of Independence.

"The White Goddess" by Robert Graves, published in 1948, is a text which has been described as ‘the last product of the Irish Literary Revival.’

Graves was a poet whose work, as he claimed himself in 1959, ‘remains true to the Anglo-Irish tradition into which I was born’,

In 1975 Robert Graves was elected to the Royal Irish Academy.