Goodbye To Berlin, by Christopher Isherwood

Goodbye To Berlin, by Christopher Isherwood

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Isherwood magnificently captures 1931 Berlin: charming, with its avenues and cafés; marvellously grotesque, with its nightlife and dreamers; dangerous, with its vice and intrigue; powerful and seedy, with its mobs and millionaires — this was the period when Hitler was beginning his move to power.

Goodbye to Berlin is inhabited by a wealth of characters: the unforgettable and “divinely decadent” Sally Bowles; plump Fraulein Schroeder, who considers reducing her Busteto relieve her heart palpitations; Peter and Otto, a gay couple struggling to come to terms with their relationship; and the distinguished and doomed Jewish family, the Landauers.

"Brilliant sketches of a society in decay.” - George Orwell.

“In Isherwood’s work, a magic potion of history and invention, the voice is clear, and, no matter how many times we hear it, it always seems to be speaking for the first time.” The New York Times