Great Russian Short Stories, edited by Paul Negri

Great Russian Short Stories, edited by Paul Negri

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20th-century Russian literature was revolutionary in its approach to realism, injecting characters with human weaknesses familiar to all.

The 12 powerful short stories in this collection are excellent examples of writing by the foremost authors from Russia's Golden Age of Literature.

Included are:

  • The Queen of Spades by Alexander Pushkin;

  • The Overcoat by Nikolai Gogol;

  • The District Doctor by Ivan S. Turgenev;

  • White Nights by Fyodor Dostoyevsky;

  • How Much Land Does a Man Need? by Leo Tolstoy; The Clothesmender by Nicholay Leskov;

  • The Signal by Vsevolod M. Garshin;

  • The Lady with the Toy Dog by Anton Chekhov;

  • The White Mother by Theodor Sologub;

  • Twenty-Six Men and a Girl by Maxim Gorky;

  • The Outrage -- A True Story by Alexander Kuprin; and

  • Lazarus by Laonid Andreyev.

This magnificent collection will appeal to a wide audience.