Great State: China and the World, by Timothy Brook

Great State: China and the World, by Timothy Brook

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In The Great State, Timothy Brook examines China’s relationship with the world at large, from the Yuan through to the present, by following the stories of ordinary and extraordinary people navigating the spaces where China met, and continues to meet, the world.

Brook analyzes the last eight centuries of China’s relationship with the world, bringing together accounts from civil servants, horse traders, spiritual leaders, explorers, pirates, emperors, migrant workers, invaders, visionaries, and traitors to create a multifaceted portrait of this highly misunderstood nation.

“A dizzying and exhilarating journey. . . . Understanding how China sees itself and how it justifies its actions is critical to understanding today’s world. Great State offers some compelling lessons for today, and for all our futures.” - New Statesman

“An ingenious look at an often misunderstood country.” - Kirkus Reviews