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Hail and Farewell, by George Moore

Hail and Farewell, by George Moore

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Hail and Farewell! can be considered George Moore's masterpiece. Since it was first published, it has coloured many people's view of the Irish Literary Revival and its members - W.B.Yeats, Lady Gregory, George W. Russell (AE), Edward Martyn, Sir Horace Plunkett, and J.M.Synge.

At the time of its first publication most of the references were readily understood by George Moore's readers, but they are now obscure: much is lost to the modern reader as a result of a lack of intimate knowledge of the people and their times.

Professor Cave has tracked down all the points and references that would be obscure today, often even to the student of that period, and has produced detailed notes on them. Thus the reader is able to understand all Moore's references and his modifications of the truth and chronological sequences. Light is also thrown on many obscure pseudonyms and passages in the text through more than 600 notes and a comprehensive index provided by Professor Cave.

Many critics have considered that of all the works of Anglo-Irish Literature that deserve to be kept permanently in print, their first choice would be Hail and Farewell!.This edition of such a monumental work is therefore is of the greatest interest and use to scholar and general reader alike.