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Heart: A History, by Sandeep Jauhar

Heart: A History, by Sandeep Jauhar

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"This captivating investigation deftly communicates the beauty, mystery, and scientific wonder of the human heart." - Library Journal

An exploration of our most vital organ and favoured metaphor. The author takes us through many heart studies and experiments that help us understand how the organ works and how to fix it. He also tells us that you can actually die of a broken heart.

For centuries, the human heart seemed beyond our understanding: an inscrutable shuddering mass that was somehow the driver of emotion and the seat of the soul. Affecting, engaging, and beautifully written, Heart: A History takes the full measure of the only organ that can move itself.

"Throughout, Jauhar is thoughtful, self-reflective, and profoundly respectful of doctors and patients alike; readers will respond by opening their own hearts a little bit, to both grief and wonder." Publishers Weekly.