How Charles Bravo Died, by Yseult Bridges

How Charles Bravo Died, by Yseult Bridges

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How Charles Bravo Died  is a true crime mystery from Victorian England, investigated by author Yseult Bridges (1888-1971).

On 21st April 1876 Charles Bravo, a 30 year old British lawyer, was fatally poisoned with antimony. He took three days to die, but during that time gave the police no indication of the source of the poison.

Suspicion fell on his wealthy wife Florence, to whom he had only been married a few months. Police inquiries found that Charles's behaviour towards Florence was controlling, mean, violent and bullying and that the couple had argued about money.

The inquest returned a verdict of wilful murder, but added that there was not sufficient evidence to fix the guilt on any person or persons.

Published by The Reprint Society in 1957.

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