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How the World Works: Mathematics, by Anne Rooney

How the World Works: Mathematics, by Anne Rooney

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 “In order to understand the universe you must know the language in which it is written. And that language is mathematics.” - Galileo   

People have always sought order in the apparent chaos of the universe. Mathematics has been our most valuable tool in that search, uncovering the patterns and rules which govern our world and beyond. This book traces humankind's greatest achievements, plotting a journey through the mathematical intellects of the last 4,000 years, to where we stand today.

Topics include The Ancient Egyptians and geometry; The movement of the planets; Algebra, solid geometry and the trigonometric tables; The first computers; How statistics came to rule our finances; Impossible shapes and extra dimensions; Measuring and mapping the world; Chaos theory and fuzzy logic; Set theory and the death of numbers.

Beautifully illustrated throughout