Huxley: A Beginner's Guide, by Kieron O'Hara

Huxley: A Beginner's Guide, by Kieron O'Hara

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Author of Brave New World and The Doors of Perception, and inventor of the term ‘psychedelic’, Aldous Huxley was a global trend-setter ahead of his time.

In this new biography Kieron O'Hara explores the life of this great visionary, charting his transformation from society satirist to Californian guru-mystic through an insightful analysis of his life's work.

Combining thoughtful biography, expansive reading notes, and an exploration of Huxley's continuing legacy, Huxley: A Beginner's Guide is the definitive introduction to one of the twentieth century's most influential thinkers.  

“Contains almost everything there is to say about the range of Huxley’s life and work. O'Hara does a brilliant job of encapsulating in brief lucid moments many of Huxley’s most salient critiques and reflections on art, morality, and the human condition...The reader will certainly walk away with enthusiasm for this fascinating author.” - Dana Sawyer, Maine College of Art