I Married a German, by Madeleine Kent

I Married a German, by Madeleine Kent

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This book promises an insider look at everyday life in Germany during the years of Hitler’s rise to power.

Born in Hatfield in 1907, Madeleine Kent married a German schoolteacher in 1931 and moved to Germany. Her husband, Hans, faced persecution by the Nazis because of his active involvement in the German Socialist party (SPD).

Madeleine spent 5 years altogether in Saxony and witnessed life in Nazi Germany at first hand. She found the people to be ‘simple, kindly and courageous folk’ who were bullied into terror ‘calculated to belittle the human spirit’. She and Hans escaped just before it became impossible to leave.

I Married a German provides a detailed and well-informed account, and the book was extremely popular when it was first published.

Published by George Allen & Unwin, 1938.

The book is in reasonable condition. The binding is intact, but the spine covering is coming loose. All pages are present.