I Tell You, by Albert De Courville

I Tell You, by Albert De Courville

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Mr. Albert de Courville (1887–1960), best known to the London world as a master of stage production, has a remarkably exciting story to tell, in this book, in relating his reminiscences. Most of the principal actors and actresses of the day pass across the stage of his remembrance, and the book is full of entertainment and character.

This book was published by Chapman and Hall in 1928.
The book is in good condition. However, there is a water stain on the front cover, long since dried.

Chapters include: "Paris in Wartime," "Adventures in Guatemala" and " Monte Carlo."

Chapter 23 opens with this paragraph:
"The most vivid type of woman gambler in the casinos of Europe is the international "vamp" - the woman who is an out-and-out adventuress, notorious in every capital, marvellously dressed, divinely beautiful, as hard as diamonds, as dangerous as a tigress - the woman who openly preys on men, and yet never lacks admirers."

Photographs, all in good condition, include Edgar Wallace, Miss Shirley Kellogg, Miss Violet Lorraine, Miss Winnie Melville, and Miss Edith Kelly-Gould.

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