In Search of Happiness, by Mike Annesley

In Search of Happiness, by Mike Annesley

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Presents a range of happiness traditions separately, allowing you to opt for the one that suits you best in terms of your temperament, values and circumstances. Of course, you can mix and match, since the six traditions presented here are far from mutually exclusive. The traditions covered are:

HYGGE: Danish ways to enhance your pleasure in home, company, nature, the seasons and the senses, and find your authentic self.

POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY: Proven ways to boost fulfilment through self-awareness, values, relationships, kindness, self-care, flow and positivity.

LYKKE: Danish ways to build contentment through trust, togetherness, independence, health, compassion and new perspectives on what wealth means.

IKIGAI: Japanese ways to find a rewarding sense of purpose matched to your character, interests, abilities and life circumstances.

LAGOM: Swedish ways to attain happiness through moderation, simplicity, balance, fairness and gratitude.

TIBETAN BUDDHISM: Buddhist ways to accept life s challenges and discover value in non-attachment; mindfulness, compassion and awareness.