Isle of Columbcille: a Pilgrimage and a Sketch,  by Shane Leslie.

Isle of Columbcille: a Pilgrimage and a Sketch, by Shane Leslie.

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This year (2021) marks the 1500th anniversary of the birth of Colmcille - also known as Columba.

Columb was in his twenty-fifth year when he founded his first church. The location had been called Daire Calgaic, but it then became known as Daire Columbcille – the oak wood of Columb.

“The missionary journey must always have been in Coumb’s heart, and it is probable that he took advantage of the confused state of affairs in Ireland to carry out an ambition of boyhood. In the providence of God, he set sail from the oak woods of Derry, taking with him the truest of his companions, and on an ever-memorable night of Quinquagesima, they landed on a bleak little island, known ever-after as I-colum-kille (or Iona).” From page 73.

Sir John Randolph Leslie, 3rd Baronet, was born in 1885 to a wealthy Anglo-Irish landowning family based in Castle Leslie in County Monaghan. He was first cousin to Winston Churchill through his mother. In 1908 Leslie became a Roman Catholic, supporting Irish Home Rule and renouncing his right of succession to the family estates of 50,000 acres. Shane Leslie, as he preferred to be called, mostly lived in London and wrote many books and articles.

In Isle of Columbcille, he writes about the island of Iona, off Scotland, where the Irish monk Columba founded a monastery in the 6th Century. Iona became an important centre of Celtic Christianity, renowned for its learning.

Published by Catholic Truth Society of Ireland in 1910.

The book is a reasonably clean copy in good condition. The binding is intact.