Just What Kind of Mother Are You? by Paula Daly

Just What Kind of Mother Are You? by Paula Daly

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In Paula Daly's pulse-pounding and gut-wrenching novel, motherhood, marriage, and friendship are tested when a small-town community is unsettled by a string of shocking events.

Lisa Kallisto is doing her best to juggle the demands of an overburdened life. During an incredibly hectic week, Lisa takes her eye off the ball for just a moment, and her whole world descends into a nightmare. Her best friend's thirteen-year-old daughter goes missing, and it's all Lisa's fault. Wracked with guilt over her mistake, and having been publicly blamed, Lisa sets out to right her wrong. But as she begins digging beneath the surface, Lisa learns that everything is not quite what it first appears to be.

"Thriller and mystery lovers alike will devour this book. Daly has perfected the essence of British suburban life and how easily it can fall apart." - Library Journal.

"Daly describes the crimes and the characters with prose that never pauses for breath and leads us through stunning mini-climaxes until we reach the big whammo.” — Toronto Star