Liverpool Gems, by Anne Baker

Liverpool Gems, by Anne Baker

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It is 1935 and as Carrie Courtney watches her twin sister, Connie, marry the man of her dreams, Carrie longs to find a love of her own. Having lost their mother at an early age, the girls were brought up by their maiden aunts and, with Connie leaving home, Carrie is desperate to spread her wings.

Using her skills as a bookkeeper, Carrie gets an exciting new job but her stunning beauty soon attracts the wrong kind of attention. And romance is the last thing on her mind when her beloved father finds himself caught up in an illegal jewellery business that threatens to destroy them all...

“Baker's understanding and compassion for very human dilemmas makes her one of romantic fiction's most popular authors” ―Lancashire Evening Post

“A stirring tale of romance and passion, poverty and ambition” - Liverpool Echo