Luftwaffe Bomber Aces: Men, Machines, Methods, by Mike Spick

Luftwaffe Bomber Aces: Men, Machines, Methods, by Mike Spick

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The Luftwaffe excelled at ground attack and in doing so helped revolutionized modern warfare.

Whether flying in support of panzer columns during the invasion of Poland and the destruction of France, deployed against British airfields and cities, sent against Soviet tanks, or thrown into the defense of the Reich, Germany’s bomber and dive-bomber pilots wrought havoc across the face of Europe during the Second World War. 

Mike Spick, author of a number of books on fighter pilots, now turns his attention to outstanding ground-attack pilots. He outlines the Luftwaffe’s revolutionary tactics, first tested during the Spanish Civil War, and highlights individual techniques and methods used against specific types of target.

Biographical sketches of the leading bombers – many of whom were awarded the Knight’s Cross – allow an insight into the diverse career and backgrounds of Luftwaffe personnel and outline just what it took to be a successful bomber pilot.

First-hand accounts add gripping drama to the narrative, and give an unsurpassed appreciation of just what it was like to dive-bomb, come under attack by fighters or brave a barrage of anti-aircraft guns.