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Medieval Knights: The Age of Chivalry, by José Sánchez

Medieval Knights: The Age of Chivalry, by José Sánchez

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The Middle Ages, with its crude reality and mystery, has always been one of the preferred themes of historians and history lovers in general, and the daring knights that dominated this era have became legendary figures. 

But these men’s reality was far removed from this fantasy and numerous studies have been published on the topic revealing how their way of life and social condition determined their behaviour during war and peace, their weaponry, status, etc.

This book deals with all themes related to these historical characters, such as tournaments, equipment and saddle trappings, weaponry, different types of combat, siege machines and a long list of other items, until the first firearms appeared marking the end of the era.

“…provide(s) the curious reader with a superbly illustrated and informative historical overview of the methodology, customs, battlefield strategies, and utility of the armored knight in the land of Medieval Europe. A work of impressive scholarship” - Midwest Book Review