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Melodies, Irish and National, by Thomas Moore

Melodies, Irish and National, by Thomas Moore

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Melodies, Irish and National is a collection of verses written to accompany traditional Irish tunes, among them, "The Last Rose of Summer", "The Minstrel Boy", "Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms" and "Oft in the Stilly Night". Written by Thomas Moore (1779-1852), the Melodies were an immediate success and were widely performed in the drawing room and the concert hall. Lord Byron said he knew them all "by rote and by heart".   

Moore has rightly been called "Ireland's National Poet”. His verses infused with Irish imagery breathed new life into traditional airs, bringing this ancient music to the attention of a global audience for the very first time.  

Printed and published by W. Dugdale in 1826.

With each song the air to which it should be sung is listed. For example, the song “Erin! The Tear and the Smile in Thine Eyes” is to be sung to the air of Aileen Aroon.

There is some damage to the spine with most of the title missing, but otherwise the book is in good condition with the binding intact.

Includes 10 pages of notes.