Mexican Modern: New Food from Mexico, by Fiona Dunlop

Mexican Modern: New Food from Mexico, by Fiona Dunlop

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An enthralling gastronomic journey that captures the incredible vitality and colour of this country and the remarkable food of Mexico today.

Mexico is experiencing a gastronomic revolution. A return to pre-Hispanic cooking techniques and ingredients combined with modern presentations are sweeping a wind of change through the country's legendary food.

From Mexico City to Veracruz, from Michoacán to Puebla and from Oaxaca to the Yucatán, Fiona Dunlop has sought out 12 chefs at the forefront of Mexican cooking to discover the recipes at the heart of this revolution.

Backing them up are sections on market food cooks who still make old classics in time-honored ways. Among the recipes, you will find inventive new dishes as well as modern versions of classics. Chilies, seafood, chicken, duck, pork, game and corn tortillas play a central role as do vegetable dishes based on beans, tomatoes, avocadoes, squash, corn, sweet potatoes and pumpkin seeds.