Mist Over Pendle, by Robert Neill

Mist Over Pendle, by Robert Neill

Mist over Pendle is a terrific Gothic story with a wonderfully brooding atmosphere and a meticulously researched work of historical fiction, based on the famous Pendle witches trial in Lancashire 1612.  

Orphan Margery Whitaker, who has been raised by a strict Puritan family, is sent away to live with her distant cousin Roger. As local justice of Pendle, Roger must investigate a series of mysterious deaths deep in the Forest. The locals whisper of witchcraft, but Margery and Roger are sceptical.

Robert Neill’s debut novel, Mist over Pendle is a classic tale of witchcraft set in a time when the ancient fear of demons and witches was still a part of life... and death.

Published by Hutchinson, 1951. Hardcover.

Clean copy in good condition. Good binding. No dust jacket.