My Brother Aquarius, by  Stephen Tennant

My Brother Aquarius, by Stephen Tennant

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First edition and only printing by Nash Publications, Bournemouth, 1961 (1961).

According to the New York Times, Cecil Beaton was one of the first to encourage Tennant's eccentric vocation of doing nothing in life - but doing it with great originality and flamboyance.

The one real love affair of Tennant's adult life was with Siegfried Sassoon.

"The Hon. Stephen Tennant, artist/writer, accomplished little professionally during his life (1906-1987) but his beauty and wit dominated his circle of productive companions: Cecil Beaton, E. M. Forster, the Sitwells, the Bloomsbury group, etc. Admirers from abroad included Greta Garbo, the young Truman Capote; Willa Cather, despite her initial impressions of the flashy youth, became a loyal friend." - Publishers Weekly.

Tennant was known for his decadent lifestyle.

There is an inscription on the flyleaf of the book which reads:
"From: Hons. Stephen Tennant, Wilsford Manor, Salisbury, Wiltshire."
It is dated 10th December 1965.

62 pages. There is an illustrated frontispiece by Stephen Tennant, repeating the dustjacket design. The binding is tight and clean. The book is in good condition.