Olja Ivanjicki: Painting the Future , by Sue Hubbard.

Olja Ivanjicki: Painting the Future , by Sue Hubbard.

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Olja Ivanjicki was one of Serbia’s most important and best-loved contemporary artists.

Fascinated by the cosmos and the belief that there is something more than destiny, Olja went through life with a lot of intuition and a broad Slavic soul.

She was, however, much more than just a painter: she was also a sculptor, poet, newspaper columnist, costume designer, and architect. This book aims to appraise these aspects of her work, as well as her painting, over the course of her long and distinguished career, and by doing so to bring her work to a wider international audience.

In her early period, she imitated old masters, then came her famous depictions of angels, to which she paid a lot of attention because for her they were a kind of supernatural that gives us creative strength and power of expression.

She also involved herself in pop art and she completed portraits of personalities who marked the 20th century. Her depictions of the apocalypse may be interpreted as a consequence of the destruction of human nature, while more of her work predicted space travel and the conquering new planets

Her paintings are found in many museums, galleries and private collections around the world.

Ivanjicki’s paintings are distinguished by the way in which they combine the figures and symbols of diverse cultures and civilizations - past, present, and future - to form imaginative montages that evoke, in almost cinematic terms, the spirit of an age.